Marga Bijvoet

Art as Investigation
Toward New Collaborations Between Art, Science, and Technology

 Moving Out
 Into Technology
 In Search of Another Context
 Contemporary Art Criticism
Chapter 1 - Interdisciplinary Collaborations: Ideas
Art and Technology Movement
 Catalysts: György Kepes, Billy Klüver, Jack Burnham
 New Relationships between Art, Technology and Science
Chapter 2 - Interdisciplinary Collaborations: Projects
 The Nine Evenings
 Experiments in Art and Technology
 The Pavilion
 Interdisciplinary Center for Advanced Visual Studies
 EAT and CAVS: Continuing Developments
Chapter 3 - Art as a Set of Relations
 Critical Theories
 New Concepts in Science
 Jack Burnham: The Systems Approach
 Radical Software
Chapter 4 - Hans Haacke: Systems Artist
 Hans Haacke and Jack Burnham: Exchange of Ideas
 Haacke's Biological System
 Art as an Information System
 The Artist as Social Scientist
 Continued Controversy
Chapter 5 - Robert Smithson: In Search of a Different Paradigm for Sculptural Space
  Theoretician of the Earth Art Movement
 Art as Entropic Phenomenon
  Smithson's Attitude Toward the Land
 Ecology and Technology
Chapter 6 - Expanded Moves Into the Environment
  Next Steps
 James Turrell: Vision of the Sky
  Perceptual Spaces
  The Roden Crater
 Nancy Holt: Contextual Site-Works
  Astrophysical Connections
  Design of an Urban Landscape Park
  Sky Mound
Chapter 7 - Robert Irwin: Art as Inquiry
 Transgressing the Frame
 A Site-determined Approach
 Inquiry into the Hidden Structures of Art
Chapter 8 - The Artist as Ecologist
 Alan Sonfist: Nature as Material
 Nature as a Public Monument
 Time Landscapes
 Tools for Understanding Ecology
  The Harrisons: An Ecological Argument - A Self-Generating Ecosystem
 The Lagoon Cycle
 Mapping and Metaphors
 A Different Function for Artists
Chapter 9 - Toward an Art in Public Places
 Land Reclamation
 Ecological Art
 Urban Design and Landscaping
Chapter 10 - Nam June Paik: Media Visions
 Early Electronic Media
 Crossing Boundaries
 Video as Communication
 The Paik-Abe Synthesizer and other Collaborations
 Participatory Television
 Overkill Strategies
 Opposites with Crossovers
Chapter 11 - Bill Viola: A Close Re-View of Visual Reality
 Beyond the Frame of the Screen
 Time-Space Continuum
 Levels of Perception
 The Nature of Existence
 Mind-Body Continuum
Chapter 12 - Paul Ryan: From Guerilla Television to Ecochannel
 Video for Social Change
 An Evolutionary Tool for Education
 The Earthscore System as Video-Ecology
 Design for an Ecochannel
Chapter 13 - The Vasulkas: Video-Phenomenology
 Inside Electronic Media
 Digital Space as Perceptual Environment
 Woody: A Code for Electronic Images
 Steina: Machine Vision
 Woody: Mapping Memories
 Contextualizing Virtual Space
 The Artist as Mediator
Conclusion - Design of Contexts
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