Marga Bijvoet

The Greening of Art
Shifting Positions between Art and Nature since 1965



1. Introduction

Nature in Culture
Nature turned Landscape

2. A Brief History of Nature and Science
Science and Natural Philosophy
Organismic Cosmologies

3. Natural Elements
From Object to Process
Visualizing Energy
Earth, Fire, Water, Air, ...
Views on Nature
Environmental Considerations

4. Earthworks - Desertworks
The Journey...
The Enchantment of the Mojave
Celestial Phenomena

5. Robert Smithson: Art as Entropic Phenomenon
Invisible Structures made Visible
A New Language of Interpretation
Outdoor "Displacements"
Smithson and Olmsted
Ideas of Land Reclamation
Smithson and 'Mother Earth'

6. Between Landscape and Architecture
Probing New Spaces
Physical Experiences
Architectural Associations...
... and Memories of the Past

7. Toward a New 'Art in Public Places'
The End of the Monument
The Site
Public Art Policies
Reshaping Urban Design

8. Art into Landscape Design
Reclamation of Exploited Nature
Ecological Concerns
Creating Communal Awareness

9. Helen Mayer Harrison and Newton Harrison: The Ecological Argument
Self-generative Systems
Mapping the Issues
"Conversational Drifts"
Focus on Biodiversity
Conceptual Designs

10. Another Nature of Reality
From Rites of Passage...
... to Social Political Concerns

11. Joseph Beuys: To Re-harmonize the Human Being with Nature
'7,000 Oaks' as Social Sculpture
Metaphors for Life Principles
Plants in a Polluted Environment
Lessons in Communicationy
Harmony in Nature

12. The Art-Garden
Myths of Eden
From Growth Project to Art Garden
Plant Art?


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